What if shame is necessary?
(190) Ego
Classical Sass

Shame is the skin of the serpent Oroborous being shed in the never ending cycle of existence. We would cling to the past, when our now is the reality. We are not obliged to live as ghostly images in a faded, ratty photograph in a dust old family album. The self we retain should be the self we choose to retain for the reasons we choose, not the memory of the smiles in the photos.

In some circles of A.N (Applied Nihilism) this thought might be considered by stating that

The shame that doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger. The answer of course is in the asking of what truths would linger in that statement. (Truth being a relative judgement, the NonTruth also tells something.)

For my twosense, I say that shame is the argument at the crossroads. All detouring around will lead back to the crossroad.

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