Welcome back, Dave…
Tre L. Loadholt

Thx Tre, glad you liked it. I’ve been so busy writing other stuff, but I felt like writing something different and the prompt was an easy break.

eek, about 53% of that story is fiction, but he did leave journals, I did stop reading one because of something that embarassed the shit out of me, and he did think a lot deeper than I and once he did say he thought I had a better brain than he, but he was just saying that because he felt he had to work hard to break boundaries, whereas I sometimes would go there. That was more because I had been allowed to grow without having to set them, whereas he was a scientist. I made up the stuff most of the ‘ideas’ he had in the story, but he was a good listener and a much deeper thinker than I. I could come up with the outlines, he would actually fill them in, or so I like to believe. He was exceptional, though, instrumental in bringing holistic health to the academic world. He invited the founder of western reiki to the mainland, from whence she moved through the health-curious world of the late 70s like a fire. Shit like that.