I believe that we (as the human race) need to be migrating into space.
Paul Neelon

Two experiments in social control come to mind, the Chinese Revolution, which was highly intellectualized and extremely brutal in enforcement. Re-education was torturous on a massive scale and hardly momentary. The Pilgrams landing at Plymouth, were here to build a exclusionary society, based on a Reformation concept of perfect religious society. They would’ve starved, as did the first Jamestown colony, if they hadn’t found help.

But more importantly, I ask what purpose would it serve? It seems to only serve to distract from immediate needs and purpose. Even the idea that the Earth might be smashed into by a comet within our lifetimes points to a mindset that says “the world can’t be changed, let’s start over.”

No one wants to bring up the proverbial 900 lb gorilla because no one has an answer, and this lack of manipulative behavior is scary when it comes to humans. We see that energy channeled towards other things, but not towards the need for a different philosophical posture as a race.

Flying away is an escape fantasy. Stay here. We need your brains.