Challenge the Status Quo: YouthUP politics!

Voting should be the final step not the only step as it most often is. If the political activity of any people is just the voting, then the process is not part of life. We politics to be part of our everyday lives not just on voting day, then even if the vote is lost, minority rights will still be fought for.

My question to you if how would you try and get people of any age more involved in the process. I feel it will only happen if there are clearly defined goals and values, and then clearly defined processes that people can participate in.

We saw in the occupy movement and with Bernie that people want to change the system that has enforced the idea that “What’s good for business is good for America.” this motto is horrible, but we live in that world for lack of another better one. Both Occupy and Bernie didn’t give us an alternative motto, like ‘What’s good for People, is good for America.’ but we could use such a political banner to point people on the right direction.