Open Letter to the Hopelessly Indebted Voting for Hillary Clinton
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

We can’t expect to just vote in someone seemingly different from the establishment (black, but way to junior to have a real political agenda of his own, or a Woman, but one with a clear position in a world of male politics.) and expect changes.

Hillary’s not going to be our elected Mommy, just as Barack wasn’t our elected Daddy. We failed Obama and our country by resting on our so called oars in the first mid-term and lost the house, then the senate. We failed by not demanding and supporting some changes in our society. Obamacare gets hamstrung, why? Because we’re not demanding it in it’s original version, which was based on Medicare. Medicare is NOT profit motivated, so it provides care considerably cheaper than for-profit insurance which has helped artificially boost their price points so as to ensure that you feel compelled, as reasonable people, to buy their insurance. Not everyone can afford their ridiculous version of healthcare, and Obamacare was originally designed to be a realistic way to give people who need it, access to what we Americans should consider a basic human right. If you don’t believe it’s a basic human right, then think hard about why you don’t believe it to be and you’ll see the roots of our society’s real problem.

It was in Bush’s reign that bankruptcy laws were changed to be much harder to declare, and made it so you couldn’t default on Student loans. Also it was then that the first signs of a Debtor’s prison mentality was created, wherein if you didn’t pay your bill, and couldn’t declare bankruptcy, the creditors could sell your debt to a collector who would take it to court and have you fined for not paying. The fine could be ‘paid’ in time served. Wtf.