Amen! Sanders and his acolytes are consummate Puritopians still in denial that their uncompromising…
Antone Johnson

I think the issue here isn’t that Sanders’ supporters are trying to punish the Democrats, but that our political system has become corrupt. Democrat and Republican politicians have gotten to the point where it’s the party over the people they are supposed to represent. Look at the Republican race this year — all the established politicians were against Trump, but he will end up being the Republican nominee. Yet, it still took a majority of the registered Republicans voting for him in the polls to show the Republican Party that the members were FED UP with the party’s politics. Despite this, the Republican Party elite were, until recently, still ready to ignore their members’ wishes and nominate someone else.

The same goes with Sanders’ supporters. They are fed up with the political system, our supposedly Democratic Republic, where we vote for representatives to back our positions. When the parties support “Party over People,” our government fails to be a Democratic Republic, and becomes a 2 party dictatorship!

I am a registered Libertarian because I got sick of the major parties playing politics with my life. However, I like Sanders because he is a true representative for the people. He doesn’t back a position because the party tells him to — he backs a position because he feels it would be best for the people he represents. Clinton, it seems, would say and do anything it takes to get elected. She doesn’t care about the people of the country, all she cares about is the people who can get her into a position of power.

Sanders is right — we need a new revolution!

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