That Night in Toronto…

Gordie baby, I know exactly what you mean.

August 14, 2016. The hangar is electric, Gord sings his heart out, the crowd responds in kind. Every song, every word, we belt out at the top of our lungs.

Seemingly random or innocuous lyrics of the past have a different meaning tonight. Everything has a different meaning tonight.

Gord looks a bit frail, he’s not moving like he used to. But that’s still him in there, behind his eyes, that’s still him pushing out in flashes of his old self. He wrestles with the mic stand a bit and plays with his handkerchief, wiping the sweat and occasional tear from his face. He hits the highest of notes with ease and even though he’s moving less, he’s larger than he’s ever been. “Thank you, no really I mean it. Thank you” he says between songs.

Gord puts both of his arms up and steps toward the crowd, we go crazy. A smile from the man. He does it again, we go crazy again. Another smile. Take it all in Gordie, this is for you.

Finally, Grace Too. “Him? Here? Now!?”. We respond with the loudest roar we can muster. An amazing show, a fantastic energy, as much a thank you to the band as a performance for us.

The energy changes as Gord stares out into the crowd. Left alone on the stage, visiting each corner and taking it all in one last time.

I hope we delivered for you Mr. Downie, thanks for everything.

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