Me (left) with Chris, Tamsyn and Rima, assessing exactly what we could do with all this space!

I have no idea what I’m doing, so I bought a bus…

I don’t have a driving license, yet this is the fourth vehicle I’ve owned.

I’m not great with my hands, or tools, but this needs a whole lot of work.

In fact, I’ve never converted a vehicle before, let alone a double decker bus into a super cool creative, live/work hub for a tribe of life-hungry humans.

Don’t talk to me about licenses or engines or apps that prevent driving into low bridges.

There are always so many reasons not to do crazy things like this.


I had a dream, and nothing gets in the way of that.

It started because I wanted a nice, cool, spacious place to live without finding myself in future-preventing debt.

I googled tiny houses and wood cabins and surf shacks and co-living projects and time and time again a little voice in the back of my head screamed ‘Dave, listen, just BUY A BUS!’

Britain’s land laws and limits on living or working in non-buildings permanently without some magical kind of sway with the person who sign the paperwork makes things difficult.

But that doesn’t mean impossible.

And I started to think that maybe rules are there to be changed, or ignored…

Well, you know what, I’ve survived for years just by asking people questions they usually haven’t been asked. So I’ll find a farmer with hundreds of unused acres and they’ll let me build this awesome project there.

Simple, right?

Well, it’s not hard to ask, and when you have something really solid that engages the mind and the heart and the little bit inside everyone that defeats all their adult-built doubts and just screams — THIS IS FRIGGIN’ COOL!

That’s when audacity turns crazy into normal.

That’s when a man without a driving license or any practical skills or a piece of land or any previous experience of this kind of thing buys a bus to turn into a place where other people’s dreams will become reality.

Because all the doubts, all the questions, all the reasons not to do something are all just very silly and debilitating to the weird bit in adults that reduces the fun in life.

Because an idea that puts the biggest, fattest smile on your face and makes your heart warm and other people laugh is worth persuing.

It’s what makes life worth living.

Read more about our vision for the YesBus. And if you can help, please do get in touch.

Say hi to the YesBus

A big thanks to my joint partner in this project, Chris Barnes, who I only met last year and is far more handsome and talented than I am, and is the kind of bloke that you’ll happily make a handshake agreement with and know it’s going to be better than just fun.

We are now crowdfunding to take this bus all the way to its destination. If you like the idea, please do support and share it!

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