If I were a school, here are the 12 things I’d teach

1. You must strive to do useful work. Otherwise you’ll feel useless.

2. Use your imagination daily.

3. Trust that it’ll all work out, especially in uncertain times.

4. Spend less, work less, create more.

5. Make and take chances prolifically (say yes more).

6. Restless purpose and purposeful rest go hand in hand.

7. You’re not that important. Leaving a legacy is overrated.

8. This is your life, nobody else's.

9. Everyone wants ownership, don’t be afraid to serve an apprenticeship before you step up.

10. Be original. Evolution is addition.

11. Excuses are not reasons.

12 Don’t be a waste of sperm. Your mother went through a whole lot of pain to get you here, do her proud.

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