The American Left Sucks At Collaboration
Caitlin Johnstone

I find all of the boring and predictable purity gang-trolling the boys at Counterpunch have been churning out about you to be very depressing. Especially because for years Counterpunch has been one of the few sources for news and opinion that I turn to. This tempest in a teapot reminds me exactly why I don’t like to identify with the official “left” and reject the label of “leftist.” There are too many rules and way too holier than thou self-righteous posturing.

Collaboration across our sad little pidgeonholes is vital if we are going to accomplish anything. Anyone who is serious about anti-war politics in America should already know that some of the loudest and clearest voices come from the libertarian right. and Scott Horton work hard to reach out to like-minded lefties and work to build alliances.

While I think much of economic libertarianism is based on magical thinking and fairy-tales their approach to matters of foreign policy and the police state are well worth listening to and I find myself turning more towards libertarian voices in those matters. Libertarians at least have a coherent political philosophy even if some of it is complete bs. The modern American left has no real proactive philosophy, and is almost entirely defined by what it is against. Peel the layers of the lefty onion and you find a lot of vitriol, self-righteous attitude and weirdly divisive — often quite macho — tribalism. And when you get to matters of action there is no plan at all.

Keep up the good work, Caitlin.

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