Three New Product Announcements

Our core purpose at Mango Mirror is to help people live and reflect their best life! And Today we are excited to announce three new products that help people do just that. Reflect your health, life and world.

Mango Display (for Android)

Download the Free Mango Display App on your Android/Amazon Fire tablet or Fire TV and have your data displayed there. Configure and Control it with our FREE ‘Mango Mirror’ iOS App.

This is perfect if you’ve got an old Android tablet lying around or you can pick up a new Android tablet for less than the price of a good meal :)

Requires an iPhone/iPad to control the layout and configure the data you want to see on the display.

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MangOS (for Raspberry Pi)

Download MangOS for FREE and run it on a Raspberry Pi. Connect it to any size display. Configure and Control it with our FREE ‘Mango Mirror’ iOS App. Our early worldwide users are building amazing and creative products with it, from beautiful digital art frames that display their health as artwork to 10" screens on their bedroom dressers.
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Mango Mirror, Smart Mirror

Mango Mirror Smart Mirror

Live in the future, today. Customers love Mango Mirror and our first version sold out quickly. We are happy to announce that our second version is faster and works with both 2.4G and 5G WiFi networks, and is not in stock in limited quantity. Configure and Control it with our FREE ‘Mango Mirror’ iOS App. 
It’s time the real world caught up with fairly tale technology!
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Mango Mirror iOS App

Controls all of our three products described above. You now have over 30 widgets to choose from.

  • Health widgets (Fitbit and Apple Health)
  • Weather
  • News (over 100 sources available)
  • Daily quotes
  • Calendar
  • RescueTime Productivity tracking
  • and more…

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