If you are so inclined, I would love to hear your thoughts on collections (I am guessing that’s…
elizabeth tobey

the categories at the top of my feed?…if the answer is yes, to me it is pointless unless configurable by ME. which i guess is the largest point of aggravation. inability to customize to OUR liking. should i care to read stories about “cars” i merely need to do a search, no?

but if i want to read stories of interest from ppl i follow i have to wade through ALL their comments, recommends & highlights. topics are only of interest to me if written in a style i like. i follow ppl who i “get” and i like their writing EVEN though they often aren’t single topic driven.

dunno that helped any. i understand the HUGE lag time do to ALL the input you have received AND all the layers that havd to be traversed before it is verbalized.

i appreciate you taking the time to respond


BTW, the automatic tag generation needs to DIE!


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