First (new) blog post

This is the first blog post I’ve written in several years (except at work). I’ve just decided to start blogging again, and I thought I’d start with why…

Why I stopped

When I was at university (2004–2007) — and I think for a few years before that — I blogged all the time. It was both a way to share things and a way to experiment with different software.

But around 2013 I more or less stopped blogging. Partly because I was busy with other things, but also because I became more self-critical. I no longer wanted to publish anything unless it was highly polished. I still made lists of posts to write, but I never got around to writing them because of the amount of time it would take to make them perfect.

A couple of times I tried to combat this by automatically aggregating my social media posts (Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Gist) into my website, but I didn’t update them any more frequently.

Eventually I concluded there was no point in having a blog if I never update it, and I deleted it. A few people emailed me to ask for copies of my old posts, so I imported a backup of the more popular ones to and put redirects in place — but I’ve never planned to write new posts there.

Why start again now?

Last week I decided to learn more about cloud hosting — AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc. But rather than coming up with a project to use them for, I decided just to experiment a bit and write about them. Later I hope to expand to other topics as well. One day I may import my old posts too — but we’ll see how it goes!

Originally published at on 17 May 2017.

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