Free Kindle Giveaways are now allowed on Amazon (Roll over Goodreads!)

Free Book Giveaways Now Possible on Amazon’s Kindle

In rather exciting news recently, Amazon announced the new possibility of giving your book away as a free promotion — similar to Goodreads’ Giveaways.

Unlike Goodreads, Amazon is allowing digital copies to be given away — which makes the process a lot more user and budget friendly!

There is a caveat though: you must pay for the book yourself, and it’s recommended you advise reviewers to mention they received the book in a giveaway.

Kindle giveaway winners won’t have a verified purchase badge, but the opportunity is there to drive more sales through social media shares.

While social media has been rather hit and miss for most authors, becoming just good enough at one platform to accumulate active followers will make the most of this new opportunity, regardless of where that platform is.

Original post from the Indie Book Publicist