$FB’s Native Articles vs. the Web

1/ Instant Articles from $FB smart and well executed. Further cannibalizes the web, but for superior UX as is usually the story on mobile.

2/ Proprietary format != good, but publishers don’t care as they’re desperate for more engaging formats. Publisher-specific apps are a joke.

3/ Snapchat Stories also courting publishers w/ engaging format; very similar to this but $FB winning in context: people get news there.

4/ When delighted by “native articles”, users will stop clicking on inferior web articles. Publishers have to play to remain relevant.

5/ Only the big publishers have the resources to play, but $FB will soon try to right this wrong w/ tools for building native articles.

6/ I see analogies to net neutrality. Fast lanes and slow lanes. Native apps and web apps. Native articles and web ones. Yay for UX, though.

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