Blade Runner Secret Cinema — Spoiler Free Tips

After all the hullabaloo over the secret cinema concept I finally attended one last night. It was AMAZING. A full on immersive experience that culminates in the most immersive way to watch the film. A heartfelt thanks to the talented staff and actors who made the experience.

Also fitting that it was Blade Runner — literally my favourite movie of all time. I even read the comic book adaptation of the original PKD story — which is very different and still amazing at the same time.

I will not talk AT ALL about any core aspects of the experience. Secret. 🤐

But… The information you get is very sparse, their social replies eclectic (if at all) and a lot of people have some unanswered questions before they get there. So I decided to write this short tips guide for the night based on questions I had and have seen on social that (I believe) can be safely answered…

Directions. Some people were asking how to get there. Just head to the secret location exit. There are people in costume to guide you and it is a 2 minute walk.

Heels. Lots of people ask about heels. Not an issue for me but still, the answers clear. Don’t wear them. There were people wearing heeled boots of about 1/2 to 1 inch without major issues. There is a clear reason why and it involves getting wet.

Food and drink. There is PLENTY of choice at the event. It is also reasonably priced and very good quality.

Costume. Wear one. 80% of the people were. The other 20% looked a little odd in normal clothes. It’s not that hard although we were the ONLY people in the tube on our journey and got some funny looks. We spent about 50 quid max on the full outfits for us both.

Wet. You can avoid it (no more details) but it is more fun if you partake. So a brolly is advised. See through ones are apt and advised (someone on twitter pointed out it looks much better from “above” and I agree) but normal black ones would also be fine if you don't really want to shell out. A transparent raincoat is optional, but looks cool in a Zhora sort of way.

Accessories. I ended up popping to the Mad World fancy dress shop just off Old Street and got brollies and goggles, but annoyingly there were spots at the event to buy them (and many other things). Had I known I would have waited. These include the cool light up brollies the same price as the website. So if you need these last pieces you can pick them up on site at the event. No owl badges though. Not even free ones. Boo.

Party. After the film the event does stay open (I believe till 2, we did not partake) and becomes a more club atmosphere with appropriate Vangelis type music.

Ticket Types. It was very confusing before (and during) what the different prices and tickets got you. In a nutshell. There are three levels — cheap, mid and eye watering. We got the mid. Cheap gets you access and you can wander around freely, but you dont have access to all the experiences. Your cinema is a smaller one and you dont get the full immersive show. Mid gets you access to all the experiences and a bigger dual screen cinema with a FULL immersive experience. Eye watering gets all the same plus you get proper posh cinema seats and table service. I was very happy with the mid level, although two douches behind us did spend the entire film talking, eating and popping their bubble hats. Some folk. This could have been policed better by staff.

Cameras. There are lots of opportunities before you fully go in to take some great pictures — see below. Once in though you get a bag to seal your phone (you keep your phone). Don’t be THAT person that took their phone out during the film because they just “had to send that one text”. Their exact words to the usher who asked them to stop. Or the one posting pictures on Instagram of the inside. Play the game and leave your phone sealed. That was refreshing in itself. We don’t experience enough just for ourselves anymore without the blasted phone.

Timing. The doors open just after 6. We were the first in which was great as we were able to get into the experiences queue free. You get about 2 hours to wander, experience and take part in the “events”. No more detail. Watch or take part. It is your choice. The film starts at 8:30 and finishes about 10:30. You are ushered around very well so don’t go to the seats early — you will just be told to move anyway (in an appropriate to the environment way…).

Then the event is open till 2 (we think).

Last hint — JOIN IN. You also have the opportunity to take part and be one with the experience — have fun, bring out the actor in you.

Your new life awaits you offword…..

ps — dont forget to “clap” below — keeps the Nexus 7 at bay and I can trade them for memories…

update — I suspect the after party is only for Friday and Saturday tickets. UK licensing laws and all that.