Black Friday and Beyond

The upcoming retail spree gives tech geniuses a chance to evaluate their success

As you’re getting ready for your Thanksgiving dinner with family or friends, chances are your mind is also, already, fixed on which cool gadgets and early Christmas gifts you’ll be picking up over the weekend. (Or, granted: You may very well be thinking about how you can strategize your weekend travel plans so as to stay at least 50 yards away from any major retail outlets.)

But, if you’re in the business of marketing to consumers, chances are that you’re thinking about your own products; whether you’ve succeeded in crafting the great new gadget that’s going to become a holiday must-have. This weekend is going to provide a metric through which you can determine whether your work this year has been successful.

The build-up to the holidays is one of our favorite times a year, here at Dave Partners, and not just because of Christmas music and indulgent holiday feasts. This is the time when companies are evaluating the year that’s happened, and making their plans for the year ahead.

For us, this is a busy season because it’s the time when companies decide whether they need new leadership. Smart companies are not only crafting their plans for 2015 in advance, they’re beginning their searches for the new CMO, Product VP or Chief Revenue Officer they’ll need to execute those plans. The “January hiring rush” is famous, but attracting a top executive isn’t like bringing on an entry-level employee, especially not in the tech industry: If those companies don’t get started now, they may find that their hiring plans are delayed until spring.

Meanwhile, out in the world of B2C, the success and desirability of this year’s hot new products will be tested and proven by the huge rush of shopping that begins this Friday and will carry us through the end of the world. People aren’t just buying neat new gadgets for themselves, this time of year; they’re asking themselves whether your product will make the people they love truly happy, which might be the most important test of all.

Whether you’re catering to other businesses or to the all-important consumer market, we wish you luck in these crucial next months. This time of year is like the Olympics for businesses: A grand, glorious competition in which the best in the world go head-to-head. As for us, we don’t care who wins (though we’re rooting for our friends and clients, as we always do): It’s this spirit of competition and drive to excel that will fuel all of the daring and awe-inspiring new technologies that emerge in the next year. For that, the world can be thankful.

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This post originally appeared on the Dave Partners blog.

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