The Oculus Rift is On Its Way

The most buzzed about tech product that you can’t buy acquires a release date — and some competition.

By the Dave Partners Team

Augmented-reality fans, rejoice: The Oculus Rift has a release date! Well, sort of.

The Oculus Rift is in an enviable position: It’s been the subject of massive speculation and fascination for years now, without ever being released to a mass market. For a look at the hold the Oculus Rift has on the publication, just check out its presence in pop culture: It was used in some movie theatres to preview Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, featured on the cover of singer EMA’s album The Future’s Void,and the cult-favorite sitcom Community even devoted a whole episode to making not-so-gentle fun of it. Videos of people reacting to the Oculus Rift have become their own genre on YouTube and tech blogs.

That’s a lot of talk about something that very few of us have ever seen up close. But soon, we’ll get to test it out: The Oculus team have announced that their headset will be released to consumers in early 2016, and that pre-orders will begin some time this year.

This is happening just as the Oculus Rift is starting to get some serious VR competition: Magic Leap, the enigmatic but much-hyped start-up, is nowhere near release yet. But Microsoft’s HoloLens has killed in every presentation, and stands to pose serious competition to Oculus Rift, the reigning champ in this field.

We’re excited for the competition, and the chance to try all three products. We’re moving toward a world in which the main interface for computing may be virtual — and we’re getting more and more details about how that future will look and feel.

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