This Week In Tech: Inspiration & Aspiration Edition

The White House goes digital, Periscope makes a splash, and more, in our weekly tech round-up.

By the Dave Partners Team

Happy Monday! As always, we’re getting you ready for work by collecting our favorite stories of the week that was.

(1) Our big funding winner of the week is one of the most exciting start-ups in a long time: Periscope,which sold to Twitter for over $100 million before launching. It’s a streaming video app that allows you to talk to your followers, get their comments and feedback, and interact with them in real time. Given the spectacular success of Meerkat, it seems like streaming video is the tech phenomenon to watch for 2015!

(2) Something else to watch: Our founder Dave Carvajal’s blog, which is on fire lately! His latest post is about how to keep your whole team motivated and ready to win by serving as their Chief Inspiration Officer. This is something Dave knows a lot about — his motivational talents are certainly responsible for keeping us on track, so go and see what his advice can do for you!

(3) Google made a big move this week: After CFO Patrick Pichette announced his resignation in a moving letter, they’ve snapped up Ruth Porat, known as “the most powerful woman on Wall Street” for her work as the CFO of Morgan Stanley. We can’t wait to see Porat blaze her path in the world of tech.

(4) Facebook has made all sorts of big announcements lately. For one thing: After years, they’re finally ready to crush it in mobile.

(5) And yet more big hiring news: The most prestigious employer in the nation, the White House, has snapped up Jason Goldman of Blogger and Twitter fame. He’ll be serving as the White House’s first-ever Chief Digital Officer And Goldman named White House’s first-ever Chief Digital Officer. There’s no limit on the glory that you can attain with great tech talent!

Thanks for reading! If there’s a big story we missed, let us know with a note — and don’t forget to share these stories around by recommending!

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