This Week In Tech: Power Pop Edition

Apple teams up with pop’s most powerful figure, Tinder swipes right on a public offering, and more.

By the Dave Partners Team

1) The embattled streaming service TIDAL is looking for a new CEO, after dismissing interim CEO Peter Tonstad. It’s a great time to reflect on what an amazing CEO search can do — including, potentially, turning this service around.

2) You knew it was coming: Online-dating giant Tinder is going public. We can’t wait to see which investors start swiping right!

3) More big funding news: Data-analytics company Palantir won big this week, becoming one of the few startups out there with a $20 billion valuation.

4) In yet another intersection of pop culture and high tech, singer Taylor Swift criticized Apple’s decision not to pay artists during the three-month trial period of its streaming service — causing them to reverse the decision within 17 hours of her post. As its reward, Apple will be the only service allowed to stream her most recent album.

5) And, as the Apple-Swift deal proves, power and positivity go hand in hand. To keep you charged up and ready to take on your own challenges, we recommend relaxing with these reads about finding the right role and creating a morning routine for success.

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