This Week In Tech: Superstar Edition

Jay-Z takes on the tech world, Amazon Dashes to conquer retail, and more, in our weekly news round-up.

By the Dave Partners Team

Welcome back! As always, we’re getting you ready for the work week by rounding up the best, weirdest and coolest tech news of the week behind us.

1) Jay-Z launched his controversial music streaming service, Tidal, which provides high-quality streaming — at twice the price of services like Spotify. Tidal’s success or failure has been hotly debated by the media, but one thing is for sure: He has everyone’s attention.

2) Our CEO, Dave Carvajal, broke down the tips of his trade in his latest blog post, which tells you what separates the good recruiters from the truly great ones.

3) Amazon has launched its weirdest and possibly coolest project yet: Amazon Dash, branded buttons you can stick around your house and press when you want to order more of the product. This is another entry in Amazon’s long history of bids to take over retail; eventually, they’re hoping you’ll get all your laundry detergent and coffee from them, instead of going to the grocery store. It’s an ambitious project and we can’t wait to see how well it works!

4) Speaking of ambitious: Our big funding winner, Coherus Sciences, raised $120 million this week. Their project couldn’t be more admirable. Coherus develops bio-therapeutic treatments for cancer and other inflammatory diseases. The future of medicine is happening now, and we couldn’t be more excited to live in this moment in history.

5) Finally: Congratulations for making it through the work week! To make your next week your most motivated and triumphant yet, we recommend our list of never-fail motivation hacks that will keep you engaged and effective no matter what.

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This post originally appeared on the Dave Partners blog.

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