Dave, are you saying our Economy today is worst than that of 2008 recession?
Hojjat Salemi

Here are the numbers:

How can you say that it’s better than it was? 
The state of the country is in much greater divide, many more people on welfare than ever before, more homes are foreclosing, more jobs oversees, more businesses closing, according to Dept of Labor, more building sitting idle.

Stagflation exists worse than it ever has. The Fed is printing money like it never has. If the Trump Election boost doesn’t continue, arack Obama Will Be The Only President In History To Never Have A Year Of 3% GDP Growth.

Please tell me how that is better.

I get that you’re probably don’t have an investment banker/economist and are likely getting your information from what the White House Press Secretary and the MSM is feeding you, so I can’t fault you for that.

The fact of the matter is, your premise that Trump is taking over something that is “better” is either intellectually dishonest, or incredibly naive, good sir.

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