Configure create-react-app without ejecting ⏏

I started out earlier today trying to use create-react-app because I wanted to honor the fact that my team prefers it. What I ended up with was a headache while simply trying to add mocha in the mix.

I prefer mocha over Jest because I don’t like or use snapshots (I think they’re bloat and also they’re integration tests only) and I write isolated unit tests with enzyme. I don’t need or want snapshots. And I use WebStorm (not the command-line) as my test runner because it’s very nice, much easier to see and run tests.

Well I found out real quick that I can no longer run WebStorm with mocha over this boilerplate because everything for babel is done via react-scripts so consequently WebStorm which relies on finding a standard babel-cli/babel-node OR by finding a .babelrc file no longer can because that’s all stripped away by create-react-app’s “magic”.

good times.

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