How to create interactive online events with a stage, sessions, networking, expos, chats, expos and more, using Hopin

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Hi, there —

We’re getting a lot of demand right now so I wanted to put together a quick all-in-one resource to help new users get started organizing awesome online events on Hopin. This is originally from the Hopin blog but wanted to share here on Medium as well. Cheers.

Cofounder, Hopin

Below you’ll find videos, docs, and links that will help you learn and master the Hopin platform.

If this is your first time hearing about Hopin, here’s a 90-second overview video:

Note: Hopin has upgraded to Hopin V2, but the product images in this clip are from Hopin V1. …

Simply sharing another article or video isn’t enough anymore

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If you have a brand — any kind of brand at all — you probably publish content.

If you publish content, people probably (hopefully) consume it: subscribers, followers, viewers, or readers. Ideally, they’re your customers.

This swath of people who likes your stuff, supports your brand, buys your products, hires your team, donates to your cause, and so on — this is your community.

Every brand has a community

After a marketer identifies their community, big or small, the next question is: How do we keep our community engaged?

This is where a lot of companies can get stuck.

Many believe the answer is: produce more content. Because content is king, right? …

Here’s the best of Entrepreneur’s Handbook for you.

  • If you’re working on negotiating a deal that is $10,000 — $10,000,000, make sure you have a strong Master Services Agreement (MSA) in place. This story from the experts at LegalZoom covers the critical basics of an MSA that every entrepreneur should know.
  • Million-dollar ideas had to come from somewhere, right? Here’s a study of 100 multi-million dollar tech startups and how the founders came up with the initial idea for their business.
  • If you’re an entrepreneur, one of the toughest choices you have to make is when to go “all-in” — for some, it might be never. For others, it might be yesterday. Regardless of where you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey, Niklas Göke sheds some light on this difficult startup dilemma in his latest story Diversification vs. …


Dave Schools

Mktg at Hopin. Bylines in CNBC, BI, Inc., Trends, Axios, et al. Creator of and Party Qs app.

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