I Recorded an Audiobook with 30 Expert Writing Tips Specifically for Medium

photo by Melanie Pongratz

I launched the first $49 writing course specifically for writing on Medium (mediumwritingcourse.com) a few weeks ago.

Today, I’m excited to announce that I’ve recorded the full course into an AUDIOBOOK!!

Screenshot of daveschools.com/audiobook

Over two and half hours of audio content purely about how to succeed on Medium — packaged and read out loud for multi-tasking learners like me.

I wanted to make an audiobook version of the course so you can listen on the go, in the car, on a walk, or maybe as you write.

While recording the 30 lessons, I added a few ad-hoc stories and extra details to the audiobook that are not in the original ebook course 😉

The style of the audiobook is meant to be conversational: a mix of Audible-esque reading out loud and YouTube-esque teaching with energy.

The audiobook is hosted on my website at daveschools.com/audiobook.

However, you’ll need a password to access it.

The password comes with any purchase of the course (along with your own copy of the mobile-optimized ebook and a 100% special discount code to access my bestselling Udemy video course for free).

(Current students who already purchased the course received the password in an email. Let me know if you haven’t received it and I’ll make sure you get it.)

Once you have access to the audiobook page, you’ll be able to play each episode (lesson) through SoundCloud.

You can download the free SoundCloud mobile app and listen to the audiobook as a private playlist or listen to it from directly from the browser (it works just as well).

I’m confident this course will teach you the skills that will not only help you become a well-recognized writer in your niche on Medium but it will also — and more importantly — teach you a writing skill and growth marketing mindset that will completely transform the way you think about storytelling, content, and growth.

These 30 tips are exactly how I grew a Medium publication to 75,000+ followers (as the only editor) and kickstarted my full-time career as a writer, editor, author, and consultant.

And now you can do the same. I hope you’ll join me.

Learn more and decide if the 30 Expert Medium Writing Tips course (and audiobook!) is for you at https://mediumwritingcourse.com