Please persuade me to join Patreon

Dave Schools
Sep 19, 2017 · 1 min read

As a creator (novelist and entrepreneurship writer with 9.2k awesome followers on Medium), I’ve been eyeing Patreon for several months. I even made an account but didn’t follow through, probably, I’ll bet, a problem that happens every day on a platform like Patreon.

But the main reason I haven’t followed through is due to my perception of Patreon: Patreon is the best place for your family members to give you charity money. It’s the less-awkward workaround to asking friends/family for money in-person, which I don’t often do regularly IRL. But because Patreon exists, I can now ask my 7 aunts to support me monthly to write about my adventures, beliefs, and interviews. It seems Patreon empowers people to create their own self-based nonprofit.

I’d love to have this perception of Patreon change.

If Jack Conte has time to write a response (or someone else at Patreon), I’d love to hear it.

Congrats on the new funding round.

Dave Schools

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