Insightful to say the least.
Tiago Pedras

You touched on a big reason why I wrote this.

People my age are so passionate and driven to create the next big startup that goes viral. And when it doesn’t happen, they are crushed. Or, worse, if it does happen, they are crushed, still, because it’s not as big as Google or Apple

The reason I wrote this is this: if you create an opportunity for someone else to succeed you are insulated from the crush of failure and the crush of (never-good-enough) success. You have made one person’s life better, more interesting, lighter, easier, etc., which is what business is all about. If your startup is all about you, you aren’t focusing on the right thing.

It’s a tough lesson to learn and I’m still learning it. Disregard the pressure to build a startup and focus on helping others succeed. The startup will follow.