Your last party went like this…

Introducing Party Qs

You walk into a friend’s party with your SO.

“Happy” is playing on an Amazon Echo.

Your friends are sitting around the living room on couches and chairs. They see you and greet you and your SO.

You high-five and/or hug each friend. So good to see them.

It was an exhausting week. You spent a lot of time behind your computer, hammering out that project.

You fetch two brews from the fridge. You are SO ready to chill with your friends. Glad this week is behind you.

You return to the living room and find your SO. Want a drink? Cheers. You’re a good partner. You look around at your friends.

Everyone is on their phone. Scrolling. Tapping.

Hey, you say aloud. You want to talk with your friends. No one looks up.

Fine. I’ll talk to my SO. You turn to your partner. Your SO is staring at their phone.

You’re about to interrupt your SO when you feel a tap on the shoulder.

Hey. Will take a picture of us? You’re handed a phone by two smiling girls.

Semi-pleased that someone interacted with you, you oblige and snap the picture of the two friends. One in portrait. One in landscape.

You hand the phone back and open your mouth to start a conversation when they abruptly turn away and begin chatting and tapping the phone furiously.

The night continues and everyone is on their phones. One or two people actually talk with you.

The next day, you see a photo online. It looks amazing. Your friends threw a great party. The filters are on point. They’re smiling. The party looks fun. You sort of wish you were there.

Then you recognize the photo. It’s the two girls.

You realize.

You were.

“Phubbing” is a problem. It’s time to live in the moment.

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