An Unnecessary Review: A YouTube comment

A.I Learns Nobel Prize Experiment in Just 1 Hour! was the new video by ColdFusion. True to its title, ColdFusion tells us about an A.I which (who?) was able to come to a nobel worthy conclusion all on its own in a much shorter time.

Should we be excited for these leaps and strides A.I have been making in recent years? Or should we freak the fuck out and hunker down for a robocalypse? I wanted to know how people felt and so I scrolled to the comment section. Here is my review on a most interesting comment.

sex is life . taking dumps is life

AndyFreak123 here is very much in the A.I isn’t a threat camp. His comment begins with ‘my ass.’, always a great way to draw attention. The conscious decision not to capitalize M might have been a strategic move to draw attention. People might go, ‘Hey, why isn’t that in caps?’ and from there notice ‘my ass.’ and think ‘what about his ass?’ A very effective opener as far as opener goes.

On his next line, he capitalizes the U, letting us know things are getting serious. Despite that, his comment enters confusing territory.

‘Untill the AI can’t have sex or take a dump, I ain’t belieiving in that shit’

Here AndyFreak123 probably wanted to say that until robots start having sex or taking dumps they are nowhere close to becoming or overtaking humans. But ‘can’t’ is a tricky word and in using it the sentence reads as ‘Until AI becomes impotent or constipated, I don’t believe they are capable of overtaking humans.’ This becomes a rather problematic statement indicating that the AIs he is acquainted with are all having sex and taking dumps. But this is obviously not his intention so we’ll look past that as a misuse of ‘can’t’.

Despite the blunder with ‘can’t’, the emotive tone and continued expansion of imagery from ‘my ass’ with ‘take a dump’ and ‘that shit’ saves a potentially self-destructive statement.

‘sex is life . taking dumps is life’

Taking dumps is life brings us full circle and serves as a most satisfactory ending to a comment that began with ‘my ass. ’Here, AndyFreak123 reverts back to the format of his first line, doing away with capitalization. He does not give further explanation as to why sex or taking dumps is life but trusts in the reader to accept that as a fact.

He makes up for a lack in evidence with the use of poetic repetition to emote readers into agreeing that yes, sex is life, taking dumps is life.

And it seems to be somewhat effective. While Michael Fydenkevez seems to disagree with AndyFreak123 on the surface, claiming that A.Is are already taking dumps by producing heat, he has given in to AndyFreak123’s definition that taking dumps is an essential component of life. He does not however mention whether A.Is are already having sex.

So is sex life? Is taking dumps life? What do you think?

The Good: Catchy hook, Heartfelt emotions, Poetic ending, Consistent ass imagery

The Bad: Unnecessary use of ‘can’t’, A few distractyng typos, Lack of evidence supporting claims

The Verdict: 3.2/5