The Notorious Difficulties of Just Being Human
Jason Chen

Jason, welcome to the existentially conscious ruminator’s club! You are a rare and authentic human being; in today’s social media-advanced network of judgmental people, most people are most concerned with what others believe, so that they also know what to believe and espouse. It’s not what you think is right; it turns out that what is most important is what other people around you believe your perspective in interpreting the world must be-if you are to be accepted and not verbally abused or shunned. You have a real gift: I sweat like a hog and wish I didn’t have to use deodorant hahaha. It runs in the family, egadz. But overall, I’m actually a pretty good guy, even though I have been thrown by society into the disqualified human category. When I was in college, I started getting gray hairs, and by the time I was 40, my hair was white. Once I got laid off from a job, because the company no longer needed the contributions I offered, I was never able to get another opportunity, due to my age, and because of the color of my hair. Regarding your situation, perhaps breathing exercises could help, I don’t know, I’m not an expert. But I know enough to recommend that you not worry about being a carbon copy of everyone else. Be yourself. Being authentic means becoming the unique person that you can be. Once you opt out of the social peer pressure, and just focus on being yourself, perhaps you would begin to breathe easier, and develop the skill of taking deep and rewarding breaths. You deserve it.

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