That’s Jon Yablonski, bottom. His co-conspirator on today’s show is Stephen Perkins of Herman Miller, top. Enjoy, y’all.

Design, Disney and Detroit: Jon Yablonski

It’s strikingly rare to discover a graphic designer able to creatively articulate themselves verbally.

Jon Yablonski pinged on my radar screen as I pored over his redesign notes for Web Field Manual.

If you haven’t seen Web Field Manual, let me tell you it’s pretty much the finest (alongside Sidebar by Sacha Greif) curation of links informing us about this changing world that is designing the web.

Jon is Senior Design Lead at invention company Vectorform (in itself a rare godsend, among typically mundane yet undeservedly narcissistic organisations; Vectorform is anything but devoted to its clients and to the pursuit of bringing the future forward) but his talents transcend any corporate frameworks.

On this episode of Thacknology Jon and I discuss what design means. It’s important to know design. That all of us understand its place in our world. Because it is everywhere and we can all influence, and be influenced by, its shape, stature and size and how it shifts through the axis of our modern reality.

Memphis’ Jon is now happily dwelling with his wife and kids in Detroit. It’s a fixating cityscape, having undergone numerous changes — some compulsory, others voluntary, as a result of Motor City’s eponymous industry enduring its worst era since records began.

Jon was kind enough afterwards to share with us links to informative insights from the show. They’re worthy of your clickage.

Bauhaus-Archiv Museum (Berlin)

Kandinsky Poster (halfway down page)


Wired Magazine | Design

Additional inspiration:

American Agricultural Memo Books

CaseStudy Club

Good Design by Julie Zhou

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