“An employee zones out on the last few minutes of his lunch break. He thinks of his sister, who he hasn’t seen in months. Many people would click on Facebook at this point, but not him. Something about it is too abstract, too much. He reminisces about their trip to a a burger joint 7 years ago and many miles away. He’s not good with names. He opens Google Maps and zooms in from outer space. The United States, tap-tap-tap, the East Coast, tap, Baltimore, tap-tap. South Broadway and … Lancaster Street. Ah, yes. Abbey Burger Bistro. That’s the one.”…

Billy steps out of the back seat of a black taxi and walks into a bustling screen printing and apparel decoration company in a New York City suburb, bidding everyone a good morning as he swipes in for the day. Others shout back warmly, their noses in laptops and order forms. Billy breezes past them, eager to get to work. He checks a flat screen television on the wall, where he finds his name in the place it always is, in the top left corner of the screen. Under his name is an icon of an elephant and the words…

Dave Thompson

Director of Workforce Development for Nicholas Center at Spectrum Designs Foundation. Autism advocate, new dad, nonprofit and punk rock enthusiast.

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