Pop culture, mondays and an animal named squirrel.

Coming in to our office (yes, the company is named squirrel) is often like coming to a playground for pop culture nerds and tech lovers.
Take today, for instance:
When I arrived I already saw from the outside that a window was opened, so obviously this meant Björn was already there to let the fresh spring-like air into our office, a thing that he does or me, depending on who’s first to arrive at the company. After climbing to the first floor and opening our entrance door, the new Jay-Z album blarred through the halls, cranked up to the max, with Björn sitting there, doing some administrational stuff and chatting along with his wife, sitting across him at the desk, their son on her lap.
On the floor some print-outs of a project we’re beginning to work right now.

It surely is a good feeling to start a week that way — in fact, we start every day like this. Sometimes it’s some obscure contemporary classical stuff blaring through our offices, very often hip-hop, sometimes some old hippie tunes (or some newer stuff that sounds that way). Sure, often we have to take the tunes down, because we need to think, ideate or have to focus to write something down or got something to talk thru or talk about. But mostly, you’ll find us listening to tunes and grinding away on our work.

Our office place that is lively, where peeps getting shit done and where you can nearly grab the energy and the excitement waiting for the awesome things to come.

And this little bit of Silicon Valley happens in one of Hamburgs oldest districts, Ottensen (or OTX for short), where we live and our office is located.

Welcome to squirrel.