Adding an image to your token on Parity

After the Ropsten test-net spamming I, like many others, quickly moved to the new Kovan test-net on Parity. 
There were many reasons why it was not trivial — including the numerous disparities between the go-ethereum and parity implementations of IPC and JSON-RPC but that is something to go into on another occasion.

Last night I decided to play with the implementation of ERC20 tokens. 
Being a modest kind of fellow I created DaveCoin which I deployed on the Kovan Test net at “0x9090C02e86402E4D5A6a302a08673A0EE5567C91". 
When I had finished, I noticed that the parity applications page has a token registry.

Parity Token Registry (under Applications)

You can register your tokens with their registry for 0.05 ETH on the main net or 1 ETH on Kovan.

Token Registry — register a token

So far so good. Since we were on Kovan, 1 ETH saw the token registered.

My own coin :-)

You can see that there is a button to look up the Image. But no image.

Since it took me more than 24 hours to figure it out, I decided to share the process to save you time.

First we need an image, preferably on Github.

Then we need another tool : GitHub Hint which is not enabled by default.

On the applications page click the edit button on the top right hand side.

Click on the GITHUB HINT icon until it has a blue bar on top

It will now appear in the applications page. Selecting it gives you :

Github Hint

If you use GitHub it is really fast. I tried with GitLab and it was a lot slower. Copy the hash code 0x1510b70756ad4e37244462b778947626d4e372e34227e05766aadf912ca2253a and use “register url” and send the transaction.

Finally, back to the token registration page. Select “Add Meta-data”

Add image meta data — use the hash you got from Github Hint

When you have sent that transaction, your token’s image is available.

Nice image for a token eh?

The best thing is, if you check your account, your coins appear there.

I guess I should have used a transparent background.

If you want to have DaveCoins this ABI and address and add it to your wallet on the Kovan test net. Then drop me a note with your kovan address. I will send coins to the first few people who ask for them.

If this article has saved you a ton of digging, why not send something to 0x31EFd75bc0b5fbafc6015Bd50590f4fDab6a3F22

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