The Kind of Home I’d Love to Live In (What I Learned from My Vacations)

There’s nothing better than going on a vacation and realizing the things you like most in a home. I remember staying at one of the villas at Half Moon Bay in Montego Bay, Jamaica and realizing how much I liked the idea of having a pool in my backyard. There was something soothing about looking at the water in the pool. That beautiful blue aquamarine colour just did it for me.

The funny thing is that when I’m at home in Toronto, I visit a friend who has a pool and it’s not as though I’m the first person to jump in. I generally wait until the temperature has reached 30+ degrees before I decide to cool myself off. With that being said, I still fantasize about having a clear blue pool in my backyard, even though the size of my backyard isn’t exactly conducive to a pool.

A few years ago, my friends and I decided to rent a beautiful house in Thailand. The floor of the shower in the bathroom and the floor around the tub was surrounded by beautiful, smooth rocks. It looked fitting for Thailand, but would it be practical for a house in Toronto? As much as I loved that view in Thailand, I believe that it was a trend that would have to remain there. The house we rented also had an oval plexi-glass shaped chair which reminded me of cartoon; The Jetsons. I loved that egg-shaped swinging chair and even tried to figure out how I could get a hold of one in my family room in Toronto. Unfortunately, everywhere I looked for this chair, it seemed to cost far too much for me to justify my newfound obsession.

I still hold a fondness for the pool and am determined to have a house one someday. What design & décor trends have you seen on your vacations that you want to bring home with you?

When I’m not trailblazing and fantasizing about egg-shaped chairs, I create podcasts about all-things real estate. Check out the Morrison Report.

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