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  • Joe Babaian

    Joe Babaian

    Co-Moderator #HCLDR | Focus on #HealthIT #Advocacy #PtExp | Fired up about shaping the conversation | #pinksocks | LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/joebabaian

  • Jim Flauaus

    Jim Flauaus

    I Rescue Troubled Taxpayers & Give Them a #FreshStart | Unemployable | Marathoner | No BS #IRS Tax Relief | Forgiven | Failing Forward | Rhymes w/ House

  • Micheal Nelson

    Micheal Nelson

  • Reuven Gorsht

    Reuven Gorsht

    Corporate exec turned entrepreneur. Raising a family, growing a team.

  • Dr. John Bethell

    Dr. John Bethell

    Medical recruitment workforce specialist and blogger. The world is short of doctors - who will win the war to hire the best ones?

  • Camilo Erazo Leiva

    Camilo Erazo Leiva

    Gerente del Centro Nacional en Sistemas de Información en Salud — CENS Chile. Médico y MBA. Trabajando por una mejor salud a través de las TICs.

  • A.C. Dominguez

    A.C. Dominguez

    LGBTQ writer. Love #horror #romance #supernatural #SciFi #fiction #fantasy #gaylove #music Never let anyone steal your shine! dreamlivewritelove@gmail.com

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