Harlon Davey
Oct 11, 2015 · 1 min read

Two Hands, Limitless Minds — a collaboration with Lorrie Bowden

If I asked you to believe

Would you take my hand

And hold on tight

And let your mind be free?

If I asked you if you were certain

That you would stay with me

While we traveled through our minds and spirits

Would you still feel free?

If I asked you to walk to the place that light touches

Where Angel wings flutter

And I held your heart in the essence of Love

Would you be willing to meet your Soul?

If I said to you

That I’ve been lost so long

Would you still hold on to my hand so I can feel safe

And together we will be found

I will stay with you, and I will hold on to you

While we both let go

Searching forces truth

to slip through the cracks of our minds

And we will cross this threshold together

Harlon Davey

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