Fuck(ed) Boy

I wish I could turn off my brain, so I woudn’t drown into my own thoughts again. We’re loosing touch with ourselves, always running away from boredom.

I know that some boys just don’t know how to feel, but I want to drown into you. You have the most beautiful mind I’ve ever seen and all that liquor we drink won’t make the weight of the world disappear. Our fragile bodies are filled with some kind of sadness and our ribs are almost breaking because of this. Only you can ease my pain.

I’ve been looking for you, feeling that I had to belong something, or someone. I was used to go to bed after the sun comes up in the morning sky. I was used to drink and smoke, expecting the alcohol could fill an empty space in my chest. I’ve gone to places, hoping to find you, in the corner I’ve always been. Here.

We’re just fucked up kids and our brains are sick, but that’s ok. I liked you because you were blue, but then I saw the entire ocean behind your eyes. Our feeling are almost gone, troubled by the emptiness.

You see me in colors that doesn’t exist and I love you for that. For seeing something in this fucked up kid. In this sick brain. For touching me and making me feel like I finally belong to someone, laying on you couch, with your body up on mine and our ribs breaking together.