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‘The Radical Love Book’ front page — English language version.

I want to ask you, straight up, what do you value most deeply?

I’d like to invite you to write down 3 things of infinite value to you.

Sacred, precious, special.
Of value for its own sake.
That which makes the world truly alive.
In any dimension — an emotion, relationship, part of the natural world, a quality, an object.

— from The Infinite Game by Niki Harré

I’d love it if you could do this alone.

Take your time, think carefully. What is of infinite value to you?



I’m curious about what you’ve written?

If there’s someone sat next to you, you might share what you’ve written with them. …

Meet Enrol Yourself’s seventh peer group as we embark on a 6 month journey to grow ourselves, together…

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In several traditions seven is an important number. From the days of the week to the colours of the rainbow, it marks a sort of wholeness. A completion in a cycle. The moment things come together before they’re ready to renew.

At Enrol Yourself, with six Learning Marathons now behind us and six more hopefully starting across the UK (and beyond!) later in 2019, it’s a real privilege to be setting off on our seventh learning adventure with the band of travellers below.

From the co-founder of an economic campaign group to a member of London Business School, and an architect interested in the outrageous to a leader in plus size fashion this has to be one of our most diverse and eclectic groups yet. With connections as far flung as Loughborough and Trinidad, and more than three decades and 5 continents between us this should be a super interesting experience. …

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Prototyping a ‘personal leadership adventure’ (© David Heinemann)

What can living with the failings in my body teach me about living with the failings in our society?

That was my guiding question for a Learning Marathon in 2018. Six months, twelve strangers, each with a distinct inquiry to guide our way…

I ’d actually embarked on two marathons in 2018: hosting an Enrol Yourself #LearningMarathon - 6+months. And pursuing a long-held ambition to run a real one, 26+miles! At a crossroads in my life I was wanting to knit together a few seemingly disparate threads:

  • My relationship with an incurable illness— in fact, three: asthma, eczema and AS.
  • My decade long career in (and frustrations with) so-called ‘social change’. …

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We all know Ghandi said ‘be the change you wish to see in this world’ — but what does that mean to you, in practice?

I decided to bin my assumptions, survey 50 friends and associates and see.

The answers were illuminating. Totally unscientific, of course. But I was fascinated to discover what beauty was unfolding behind others’ eyes and some of what I learnt has since evolved into a sort of personal scaffolding.

The title of this post, for one thing, came directly from a response — and it’s become a kind of personal compass…

3 patterns I noticed.

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Great things never came from comfort zones” — Edinburgh Marathon 2018 Finisher’s Medal

Last weekend I did something I never thought I would. I ran a marathon. I even enjoyed it.

Yes, I know that they can be bad for your knees. Yes, everyone and their dog has already run an ultra. And yes I know it’s not likely to ‘bring about world peace for all children’ (despite the promise on one lad’s t-shirt). …

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Physicians and therapists, activists and academics, politicos and personal development practitioners, there are so many people working on healing things. From the body, to community, to systems and society, millions of us who’ve felt a call to try to help.

But is all our work actually making a difference?

I recently came across the brilliant learning designer Zahra Davidson and her ace project Enrol Yourself. …


David Heinemann

Facilitation, learning & development, social innovation. In Beckett's words: "I shall soon be quite dead at last in spite of all"

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