What Is Your Hobby?

Below is some of the definitions for “Hobby”:
1. Activities that provides you happiness with interest 
2. understanding of beauty and emotional value 
3. an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure

I used to think people who have hobbies in comparison to those who did not have have lower happiness in life and less career driven. I grew up in South Korea in a very conservative educational system. How I grew up and learned is vastly different from the people i am surrounded by today in New York. When I look at those who grew up in America, they have this energy about them. They have freedom. The freedom provides them the ability to look beyond what is given and solve solutions in creative ways.

Those who grew up with activities outside of school in comparison to those who didn’t have the options are more likely to have a wider view on things. Coming from eastern educational system, I am jealous of western learning environment: To break free from the classroom format.

“Sit at your desk and open your book” is a narrow minded definition of studying.

Children, who are exposed to art and sports, who learn outside the standard classroom format are encountering knowledge in different ways. It breaks away from the idea that you learn from reading and repeating things you see in books. Providing children with many activities and exposing them to unfamiliar environment creates options therefore the freedom. These places and activities impact the way children think.

The reason why I say “Get a hobby” is because there is a huge gap of how one thinks between those who do and don’t. In personal opinion, those who have lived in a foreign country or place, removed from their home, should consider having a hobby for positive impact. Healthy hobbies provide higher focus in goals and achievements. As an example, a friend of mine who is an engineer, far removed from art or creativity, thought to himself that his major didn’t fit him all through college. He was already attending school for engineering and didn’t have the energy to take another path. In the mist of all this, he attended a nude drawing class with a friend that changed everything. It started out as a stress reliever activity that gave light into his interest in art. He decided, at the age of 31, to enter graduate school for design. His simple experience to creative class inspired him to take on a new challenge and head towards his new goal.

Nowadays, anytime i meet someone new, i ask them about their hobby. I find myself having higher expectation when I ask people in creative fields. However, answers are often similar and disappointing: “ watching movie, listening to music, cooking or working out.” I guess the answers I am looking for are not “how you spend your time” but more so “activities that you invest with lack of time we have”

In dates, one of the most often questions are probably “What is your hobby?” It’s the most standard type of question that provides information about the other person to find commonality. There are even times, when people research prior to the date to make sure their commonality exists in hobbies. Activities define and impact the person you are.

People don’t really think about their hobbies. We are focused on our jobs , how to survive, and make money. However, I recommend looking at the definition of hobby in a different way. It shouldn’t be something that’s leisurely and outside of your reach. Next time someone ask about your hobby, you should think about what that is to you.

In the answers I have gotten, nobody ever said “sleeping and eating” as a hobby. This defines that eating and sleeping are activities we do to live and to survive. If eating is considered a hobby, within the definition of hobby that i have defined for myself, i would have to set a goal and change the wording a little bit. “ I am interested in Korean cuisine and would like to learn more about it by eating at the best korean places in the area.”

It’s hard to find time on activities that is interesting for oneself to invest on. However, as a designer getting a hobby might impact the way you create and design things.

David Kim is currently working at Fluent,LLC as a graphic designer and typography enthusiast based in the New York City area. He has contributed his approach to the design process. You can check out his work at http://www.donghyunkim.net/

K/REATE is the professional association for art founded by members of the Korean who are working in Creative fields. We are based on Seoul, London and New York. Our members are Artists, Designers, Dancers, Musicians and so on. Regardless of these awesome back grounds, we will think and suggest creative solutions for social issues and help our students in the name of K/REATE.

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