Day 2 Ready to Be His Hands and Feet

I can never complain about traffic again. I thought I knew what bad traffic was like; I was very mistaken. Driving in the south is a fun experience, one that tends towards puttering around and enjoying the scenery. Here in NYC it’s more of an extreme sport that keeps you on edge the entire time. Thankfully I was able to ride and enjoy seeing this beautiful city. This city just has a feel to it; it’s alive, it’s energy pulsates through you and it becomes clear why it’s the city that never sleeps. Much like this city is always moving and going it is a constant reminder that God is always active in our lives. We just have to open our eyes and see Him doing His work. When you really dig into it though, the people here are no different than the people back home. They each have dreams, desires and aspirations; they are in need of the saving grace of God and it is our job to share that news.

Today we enter the Flatbush community to begin doing the work all believers are called to do. Please be in prayer for the Flatbush community, the people we come in contact with and the campus they are trying to establish. It is an area where great impact can be made with the Gospel, but it is going to take us being intentional with what we do today in laying that foundation. Also, be in prayer for The Bridge Church as they are dealing with the first death in their church. Keep the Mumford family and The Bridge Church family in your prayers as they go through this. Lastly, pray for travel, the subway is fun, chaotic and confusing all at the same time. However, while we wait for the train we missed, it gives us a chance to spread His love. Thank you in advance for your prayers!