Day 4 A New York Minute

A New York minute is the half second delay between a light turning green and you laying on the horn because the car in front of you hasn’t started moving. Here, everything is in a constant state of motion, never resting, always grinding. When you see this, the grit and determination that people have, it reminds you how we should be striving to do the same with sharing the Gospel everywhere we go. We should be listening for the Holy Spirit internally honking our horns when we catch ourselves taking a time out and not hustling to share the Gospel.

The church pictured above is right in the middle of Flatbush. It’s doors are open only on Sunday for 90 minutes and the rest of the time it’s closed, in fact many people think it’s abandoned. Today, be in prayer that they will allow The Bridge Church to start utilizing that space, not just on Sunday but daily. Pray they realize it’s not a numbers game for an individual church but it’s a numbers game for His Church. Also, please be in prayer for the members of The Bridge, satan is just as active here as he is back home and he is constantly trying to interfere as they continue to try and bring the Gospel into this community. Lastly, pray for NYC, that, as the fire we are stoking grows, the people’s hearts and minds here are open to being transformed by hearing His story.

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