Day 6: The Brokeness is Concentrated

It’s hard to believe this trip is almost over, or maybe it’s really just beginning. We have two days left here and there is no denying that God is moving in our lives, the community of Flatbush and the lives of the Bridge Church. We’ve made connections here in Brooklyn, connections that could only be made by us being obedient to the Holy Spirit. We have been able to be still and rest in the middle of the city that never sleeps. We have seen the true need for this city; we’ve seen brokeness like never before. It’s concentrated here, due to the fact that there are so many more people packed into a tight space, and hard to ignore. Actually, I would say it is impossible to ignore when you are actively engaged in being missions minded. As this trip winds down we have ideas to bring home, we have desires to come back and we have a mighty God to serve whererver we are in this journey called life.

Today be in prayer that the people we have talked with over the past week go to church somewhere and hear His word. Pray for open ears as His word is preached across this city and for revival to take hold. Lift up the Bridge Church as they navigate their first service after losing a brother in Christ to cancer. It’s a fresh wound for them and an experience they have never had to deal with. Lift up our team as we struggle with not wanting to leave but knowing that this work is needed back home as well. Be in prayer that all believers remember that the mission field starts in our homes the moment we get out of bed. If there is anything we can be in prayer for comment below.

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