Why do I pursue God?

When I first read AW Tozer’s ‘The Pursuit of God’ it shook me down to my foundation. It was the first time that I realized that I could go as deep into learning about my Creator as I wanted, I’m sure that I had heard that plenty of times but something about the season I was in and reading that book it finally clicked. It taught me that there was no end or depth to pursuing God until I reached my final rest. Most importantly it taught me that I should be continuously pursing Him, much as Paul and others constantly did; because it was His desire for us to grow in Him. Despite my brokenness God truly desired a closer relationship and wanted me to pursue Him. Below are a few of my thoughts on why we should pursue God.

  1. Because I am pretty bad at being perfect. I’ve tried on my own and it doesn’t quite work out the way I want it to. When I decided that wrestling (no, not the WWE kind) was something I was passionate about in 3rd grade I didn’t just get out on the mat and roll around (ok, honestly I probably did but I was a kid and it was fun). I had a coach that started with the fundamentals and trained me on what to do. Much like when you are sick, you go to the doctor and get antibiotics or when you are doing bad in a subject you get a tutor (or you struggle through pridefully, but that was me, hopefully you are smarter than that). I chase after Him because I know that only He can fix my imperfections, I’m done trying. It’s hard to let go and realize that you can’t do it all on your own but, through submission to God you can recognize His sovereignty and that realization is truly freeing for your soul.
  2. I want to know Him better. The apostle Paul went hard for Christ. He gave up a good lifestyle and respect of his peers because he wanted to know Him. Just as you pursue someone you have an interest in, you should want to know God even more. Talk to Him, read His word, but put effort and time in getting to know the Creator of everything. Knowing Christ is a value that greatly exceeds everything else. If you aren’t pursuing God, is it because you don’t want to know Him or are you afraid that something in your life will change? For me, there were areas that I wanted off limits from His touch but as I got to know Him better; as I spent time and learned about the love He had for me, those walls were torn down and I realized that His value was far greater to me than anything else. What keeps you from pursuing Him?
  3. Only He can forgive all. God forgives all of our sins, every last one of them when we come into a relationship with Him. Through His son, He cleansed us completely. That is something, as hard as I have tried, that I can not do. I make a pretty crummy god. Philippians 3:8-9 is clear, that Paul pursued righteousness based on faith in Christ. He counted everything a loss in order to have righteousness. He had a faith that said the things of this world are garbage, that there is only One thing worth striving after. He knew that it wasn’t a one-time decision to follow Christ but an ongoing lifestyle putting the value of Christ over everything else. That pursuit, that desire, is evidence that Christ is our precious treasure and only through Him can we be truly forgiven.
  4. He has pursued us. God sent His son, fully God and fully man, to die on the cross and bear the torment that we should have. Philippians 3:12 makes it pretty clear that Christ takes a hold of us and thus we should take hold of Him. We need to pursue Him, because He has pursued us. It’s not a trap to hold us back from living in this world but it’s an opportunity to truly live as we are supposed to in this world. We should have power in knowing that the God who created everything pursues us, loves us and cares for us.
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