Why I Started Writing

Not the actual Lego sets that inspired me, but close enough

I can remember sitting in front of my families first computer getting ready to write the novel that was going to make me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. It was a riveting tale of suspense, action, and intrigue. It was written with the bold title, “The Cowboys and the Pirates Get into a Fight”, and feature two things that every seven-year-old boy loved. It was inspired by Lego sets and all the characters were named after another thing most seven-year-old boys love: GI Joe characters. It was a page turner for sure and like any good book, in the end, they all became friends and went on adventures together, and yes, there were a couple sequels. The thing was, as I would write, much like cooking, building or anything creative, it never matched up to my expectations. It was never quite good enough to see the light of day. So, things went to the trash can and I’d put writing aside for a bit until the process would be repeated. I would write and share only when I had to, for school or work. Things that inspired me and that I was passionate about would just sit in the dark, but we are called to be the light.

As a young Christian, I began journaling as I studied His word. I used something that I loved, writing, to get to know Him more. Writing became a tool to get my thoughts out as I prayed and worked on growing my faith. It helped me to retain information more easily and it helped me to learn His word by writing out scriptures and what He was speaking to me at the time. Undoubtedly, like seven-year-old me, I would begin to get inspired by something I wrote and would go back to expound on it and refine it. To turn it into something more than a few random sentences but into an article, a blog or just something to share out with friends that might help them. However, as I would begin getting deeper into it, doubt and worry would begin to fill me. Whatever I was writing wouldn’t be good enough or I felt that it was a tired subject that didn’t need someone else putting their twist on it. So my thoughts stayed in notebooks to gather dust or on files stored in the cloud never to be seen by anyone but me.

Thankfully, God works in wonderful and strange ways. The desire never left and a number of notebooks full of my thoughts has grown. He put people in my path that encouraged me to get the thoughts out of my head, computer, and notebooks and put them out into the wild for the world to see. I was told, “if it helps one person then I’ve done the work He put in front of me.” Through writing, I have been able to share a bit about a recent mission trip to NYC, my passion for the city and prayer requests for the Bridge Church. It is a huge step of faith, which I know sounds silly; it is, after all just words on the internet. However, for me, it is a vulnerability, it’s my thoughts and ideas on God’s word and what He is doing in my life and I do want to share them, but I also want them to be perfect. The thing I have to remember is, perfection is not something I can attain. That ship sailed long ago, back in the garden, but I can do things to honor the One who is spotless. So for now, I’ll continue to obey Him and as inspiration strikes, I’ll share it with the world to read and hope that someone in need stumbles across it.

To sum it all up, I’m writing to be obedient to the One who deserves my obedience. To show my love for Him, because He did the ultimate show of love by sending His Son down to take my place on the cross. My prayer is that it helps lead those who read what I write to a relationship with God; a Creator who loves them and pursues them or it helps them grow closer in their relationship with Him. I’m going to do my best to not agonize and worry about it because I know words are powerful, but as long as I am living and writing in His will, then I know that He is being glorified and that is something I always want to do. For all those that have encouraged me to do this, thank you, the kind words, the pushing and prodding (sometimes yelling) and the support mean much more than you could ever know.