A Vow Not to Be Silent — If Trump is Elected

No group has more blood on their hands than History’s Silent Majority. We want to fight the notion, but we’ve been here before. We — as in human beings. We — as in those on the outside as the oppressed are subtly persecuted. We — as in those who have a choice to be silent or speak up and chose not to.


Nazi controlled Germany, German citizens watched from the sidelines as Jewish people were assigned Yellow badges indicating that they were Jews. The mainstream view was one of silence. Whether you were against it or not didn’t matter, because as a German citizen, you didn’t speak up.

Throughout the following years, the oppression and vilification of Jews translated into one of the worst human on human tragedies in History.

It Makes You Wonder

What would the result had been if the German population decided to speak up about the discrimination that was going on? What would have happened if a substantial minority of German citizens — regardless of if they liked Jews or not — felt that what was happening was wrong?

If Nazi Germany started to round up large groups of German dissidents — who weren’t Jewish, Communist or American Sympathizers — for protesting what the Nazis were doing than there might have been enough of a public backlash to have halted the beginnings of Genocide.

But The Silent Majority Allowed It

It’s interesting that Trump supporters call themselves the Silent Majority. It is defined as “an unspecified large group of people in a Country or group that does not express their opinions publicly.”

For one, they absolutely have been loud and clear about their views in the past year with respect to xenophobia, bigotry, and uneducated opinion about Muslims, Immigrants, and Minorities.

In History, no group has more Blood on their hands than the Silent majority. They don’t pull the trigger, but their silence allows the rhetoric to grow into something sinister enough to encourage the trigger pull.


The Sinister Rhetoric has been growing. As Robert Kagan points out in the Washington Post, Donald Trump is the GOP’s Frankenstein.

It’s quite possible that Donald Trump isn’t as much of a bigot or racist as his rhetoric indicates. He’s the true definition of a false prophet; feeding the education-starved and disgruntled privileged crowd the scapegoats that they have been pointing at under their breaths in order to boost his own selfish success. The scariest part about Trump isn’t that he’s a close parallel to Hitler, it’s that he’s a close parallel to lesser known man named Anton Drexler. Drexler, a German far-right political leader was instrumental in the formation of the pan-German and Anti-Semitic German Worker’s Party in the 20’s. The German Worker’s Party was the father of Nazism.

Hitler wouldn’t be possible without the Blueprint designed by his Predecessors.

Drexler was an important precursor to Hitler’s dangerous education. Drexler wasn’t the orator that Hitler was. See, Trump, reminds me of Drexler, in the sense that he’s helping create the beginnings of new polish on an old type of rhetoric. Although Trump commands a crowd, he’s not articulate. What scares me more than a Donald Trump is the next attractive, intelligent, and well spoken White Male that takes Trumpism and runs with it — with success — in the political world.

The masses will follow and the ramifications of “Trump Rhetoric” evolving and inspiring the masses will be devastating.

I Will Not Be Silent

Donald Trump believes that we need to create a database to track Muslims. He hasn’t ruled out special identification for Muslims. His supporters support the view of their candidate that Mexican immigrants are devious and are made up of a large group of rapists. There is an atmosphere of violence and violent rhetoric at Trump rallies.

Attacked by a Veteran at a Trump Rally

This is a time we’ve seen before. It is up to those who aren’t in the immediate cross-hairs to speak up and stand by those who face the unknown of power fed by bigotry. We don’t see it as it’s happening because we have a hollywood-view of history. Movies don’t show the rise of the Third Reich; people think that tragedy happens in a millisecond instead of taking time to cook.

Whether it be identification cards, zoning laws, privacy evasion, I stand by those that will be damaged during a Trump Presidency.

I am saying it now.

I will wear the same armband that the oppressed wear if it comes time. If we all wear it, than the oppressor has no power. Remember that. Fight oppression with your voice so we don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to America’s Kristallnacht.

The Yellow Badge that Jews Were Forced To Wear