List of Other People Who Should Have Been Brought to Heel

Since Bill Clinton is so riled up. Let’s talk about some other people who need to be “brought to heel.”

They Need To Be Brought to Heel

You know…the “superpredators” comment wasn’t the thing I am upset about. I was willing to get over the fact that the comment was said at a time when crime was out of control and many people in those affected communities were desperate for salvation from the violence. My issue was her statement that “we can worry about what made them that way later…”.

See, I thought that was the most callous part of her statement and it is reminiscent of the age old idea that these young Black boys are just violent by nature as opposed to the concept that they were blank slates, much like any other child, that were influenced by society and their environment — with poor educational options, poverty, and lack of efficient development opportunities.

So Bill…since you want to get riled up, let’s talk about who else needs to be “brought to heel” and I’m very curious as to what made them that way.

SO, my short list of Others Who Should Be Brought To Heal:

  • The provocateurs and those who were indifferent to the zoning laws in Northern Cities that turned minority communities into breeding grounds for poverty, crime, and addiction.

Thanks to those zoning laws, White areas became more expensive as a result of their upkeep and exclusivity that it made it even more difficult for middle class Americans to move out of their segregated area.

  • The provocateurs and those who were indifferent to the stereotypes of Black men being violent savages which crept into the Black American’s psyche and self-identity — “I’m nothing but a nigga.”

Thanks to those stereotypes that have now been internalized by a rinse and repeat generational cycle, complexion-ism, self hate, and low self esteem is a battle that has contributed to making those…what do you call it again? “superpredators”

  • The provocateurs and those who were indifferent to what disproportionate law enforcement did to minority communities where statistics like Black to White drug usage compared to Black to White drug related imprisonment showed it’s racist bias.

Thanks to the disproportionate effect of those laws, the Nation’s police and minorities have trust issues, Black men are incarcerated at higher rates for doing the same thing that their white counterparts do more of, and those same previously incarcerated men struggle with recidivism and bringing prison bred behavior back to Black communities.

  • The provocateurs and those who were indifferent to unchecked public assistance programs that caused more harm than good.

^ Check that link, not what you thought I meant, huh?

  • The provocateurs and those who were indifferent to the elimination of Prison Education programs which is a clear indication that convicts aren’t looked at as having a chance to be rehabilitated.

What, taxpayer dollars going towards giving a “free” ride to prisoners to get an education?! NO! Well… you can be callous if you want but helping inmates have more options ONLY reduces recidivism and helps our Country. That 1994 Crime Bill actually ended Prison Education as it was known in 1994.

Now… Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton can take that pandering to the “Black People complain too much” voters somewhere else.

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