My remarks on the state of the 2016 presidential race
Mitt Romney


You do understand that the Trump train is not going to stop as a result of a collection of information that the GOP base has heard countless times.

Trump has galvanized a certainly large subsection of the Country exactly because he’s a threat to the stability of U.S politics and the GOP machine.

You have to fight the ridiculousness of what I call Trumpism with anecdotes and soundbites. Use his method against him, otherwise, his popularity is only going to grow.

Many people are placing their votes in Trump’s lap because he is saying the “things we’ve been thinking”. Tell those same potential voters that in 1938, Dr. Carl Jung, Swiss Psychiatrist, stated that Hitler’s platform grew specifically because he was the “first man to tell every German what he has been thinking and feeling all along in his unconscious about German fate, especially since the defeat in the World War”.

If you don’t scare your own base…they will continue to fall in love with Trump. After all, he is the Frankenstein the GOP created.