Should I Tell My Parents That I Was Sexually Molested? Please Help Me Decide.
Human Parts

The callousness of life is so tragic.

I’m actually impressed that you were able to gather the strength to tell you account & its affect to the world. I am fighting the urge to give the template “I’m so sorry that this happened to you” because I don’t know if that is something that you want to hear, even though I truly am. You’re writing and the responses you are going to receive will, I”m sure, be a sort of organic piece that inspires others to be brave enough to begin to talk about their experiences. Thank you for sharing.

As I began reading, I quickly made up my mind that it would be better not to tell your parents, because I thought that by the end of your account, you’d tell us that you got to a point where you have gathered the strength to heal, psychologically, from the absolutely terrible things that happened to you.

However, at the end, I realized that you still are that little girl. Much like when you were a child, probably looking up at the sky as if asking the universe to give you the bravery to tell your parents, in many ways you are doing the same now. And I completely understand why. You want the world to respond back to you, to give you the strength & actually to force your hand.


You have to take this first step that you made in writing this brave piece & tell yourself YOU can do it. And honestly, for that little girl, for you, you HAVE to tell them. That will be the second step to healing. Deep down inside, that little girl, that innocent victim, is now asking her adult self to be that guardian to protect her. And although what has been done is done…you can give that little girl some closure by telling her parents why the trajectory of her life changed.

Unanswered questions can be so painful, as you know. The judgement that you probably detect from your parents must be unbearable at times. As much as it would hurt them, telling the truth about the paint that was continually inflicted on you, would bring so many answers & hopefully a new trajectory that allows you to repair something that should have never been broken in your life.

You can do it. And for yourself, you MUST do it. For that little girl still hoping for a protector, you MUST do it.

Strangers in this world with true empathy love you.