As a white person in America, what can I do to not be guilty of the sins of my ancestors?
Phoebe Gavin

Well written & a quick enough read to prevent an individual’s implicit “I’m uncomfortable so let me become defensive” mechanism to rev up. Implicit vs Explicit Bias & creating honest & nonjudgmental situations for discussing it is an integral part of improving the trajectory of race relations in Western Civilization.

After reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ amazing book Between the World & Me & seeing it become a bestseller, I feel like the atmosphere is shifting to a place where open & honest discussion may be possible.

Your article reminds me of one of my favorite pieces of media involving James Baldwin. His Oxford debate against William Buckley ont he topic of “Is the American Dream at the Expense of the American Negro.” The reason why is, regardless of the social safety net protecting wacky racist views at the time, William Buckley felt comfortable discussing how he truly felt about Black People in America. Although it was terribly biased as a result of racist indoctrination, that ability to openly contribute to the marketplace of ideas was integral to the shifting of public opinion about issues going on in the U.S at the time.

So when we can honestly contribute how we feel, we can be honest with ourselves when we discuss those feelings and, as you said, how those feelings affect our decisions.

Thank you for this post!